Our Mission

We are creating a platform that ensures an easy-to-manage online presence. Our goal is to make it affordable for any business in the world.

We participate in a number of social programs for the development of small and medium-sized businesses, helping them to earn more.

Project 1

We help entrepreneurs to create competitive businesses by implementing technologies into 5 main areas: management, marketing, sales, finance, and education.

To make this initiative come to life, we've got support from the three pillars of the economy — government, business, and public.

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Why we do this

We believe the market simply feeds on urgency and customers’ lack of knowledge in the rapidly changing web design industry.

SMBs don’t have time to develop a website themselves. Meanwhile, the market is flooded with offers of freelancers and studios that don’t have an idea of what good value for money means. That’s why the same website may cost you 10 or even 100 times more if you order it somewhere else.

David Braun, CEO Weblium

How we made it possible

We сombined the approach of the studio and lean-methodology of website development, calling it a "do-it-for-me website builder".

Project 1

On the one hand, Weblium's integrated design system automates the routine processes where there’s no need for creativity. On the other hand, our designers create a site, according to your wishes and requirements. As a result, you get a mobile-friendly website with an individual design, SSL-certificate, and Google Cloud hosting.

Besides, every site is built on the basis of niche market research, ensuring a solid online presence.

Our small steps to big achievement


The Idea

After making over two million websites based on 13 different Content Management Systems, we realized that there is no single solution on the market, which works in the long run without forcing a business owner to constantly learn new technical mumbo-jumbo (installation, NS-records, SSL-certificates, cache size, etc.). This is how the idea of Weblium™ was born.


Weblium™ 1.0

We've come a long way to choose the right technology, build the architecture, produce design concepts, set milestones and create easy-to-use tools for website management. We launched Weblium for lawyers and built the first 500 websites for legal advisors on Weblium 1.0.


Rebuilt with new products

When we were trying to reconsider our user experience, we found tons of mistakes. That's why we decided to start from scratch and rebuild the entire journey to meet the needs of business users who value their time and money and just want their website to work.

Along the way, we have found that most of the clients have real issues formulating their vision about their new website - this is how Draftium™ was born. The user’s response was so welcoming that we decided to release it as a free tool to the general public, helping to structure their thoughts and digitalize their businesses sooner.


Coming soon...

New website experience, including e-commerce light, payment system providers, A/B testing tools and automation of lots of routine tasks.

We are also working on the new agenda on post-website experience. We understand that creating a website is only the beginning of the customer’s journey and we see Weblium as a smart and reliable partner along the whole way.

That is why we develop “Your Webmaster” program where we allow businesses to have a real-time virtual assistant helping our clients to fulfill any task they might have. In addition, we are working to deliver SEO-management tool, newsletter tools and, of course, a small CRM system to manage orders and clients.

We support you all the way

Even when your wesite is ready - find business partners, hire specialists, exchange experiences with other SMBs in our community

Before website

Draftium™ Helps you start with the idea

A free tool for prototyping future websites. It will help webmasters understand all your ideas and preferences at an early stage.

Website building

Weblium™ Transforms your idea into a beautiful website

A platform lying at the intersection of web design studio and website builder, which will help you get a fast and affordable website.

After website

Communium Makes your business stronger

Expand and capitalize your business with the community of certified partners. Employ new tools and methods for business growth

Our team

Our specialists know how to deal with any issue that you may come across and will provide you with quality assistance at every stage. We want you to stay with us long-term, which is only possible when there's trust and mutual understanding.

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